This site serves primarily to share pictures and news of our lives with friends and family. Basically a more interactive version of that form letter that some relative sends you every holiday.

Secondly, this site provides information on our careers, accomplishments in research, and a clearing house for ideas as we look to the future.

And why GENETICZOO? Because we're both biologists and because it's just a fun name that plays off our common passion for research and creativity.

And why ANGRYBRAINCELL? Because of the whimsical idea of a solitary disgruntled neuron.

KAREN came up with the inspiration for ANGRYBRAINCELL which is a sly reference to neuro-inflammation, an area of interest and expertise for Karen. In fact, she has founded a consulting company to provide expert scientific guidance in these areas ( She currently works for the Myelin Repair Foundation where she is a Scientist in the Translational Research Group.

AARRON is currently a Principal Scientist at Merck where he is a group leader focused in the development of breakthrough antibody therapies for oncology and inflammation. Aarron's professional scientific and research interests can be found at -- a reference to his key contributions to the biology and function of noncoding RNAs.