So I finally got some time to take some pictures this weekend with the new toy. Just in time it would seem for a major police action in Palo Alto and a minor explosion in Mountain View later that night. But more on that in a minute.

FYI, all the images below are from the camera and have not been post-processed at all (other than resizing).


First off, a demonstration of the 18-200mm lense... this is 18mm...


and this is 200mm


This is what depth of field looks like for f1.4... the knife is a little out of focus but I like it anyway



And now for a random shot... see the full resolution JPG here.




And now for the police stand off in Palo Alto at the bowling alley.

A man who shot an employee while apparently trying to rob a bowling alley this morning prompted officers to seal off the area and conduct two searches of Palo Alto Bowl, suspecting the man was still inside, authorities said. The first of the afternoon searches proved fruitless. Police were still conducting the second one at 4 p.m.


the paper said police snipers were on the roof of the Courtyard Marriott in the background


full resolution (3872x2592) here





AND then that night in Mountain View we heard an explosion in the alley way (see smoke below). Police and fire responsed soon after. These are ISO 800 images... note that the in-camera noise reduction is very good.


high resolution here