Visit to Virginia and West Virginia to see family including Dad & Claire & Grandma.


New windows for the house.


Last game in Candlestick Park. 49ers won!


Thanksgiving 2013. Family reunion with Aarron & Karen's parents.


Easter in the backyard


Another trip to Monterey area.


Baby shower for Sabin & Meg.


Coco's birthday.


A review of memorable moments from 2012.


California Christmas.


Roof replacement. Part 1 and Part 2.


Clearlake vacation rental.


Santa Cruz for the weekend.


Dad and Claire visit. And the band played on.


Another fun trip to Monterey.


NFC Championship. 49ers vs Giants.


Christmas in Mountain View and San Diego.


Monterey trip.


Old friends in Placerville.


Colin's visit.


Dad and Claire visit.


Karen's birthday party.


New Year's Eve party at Kim & Kumar's place in Pacifica. Excellent food and good wine. Nice to meet new friends, including our neighbors (small world). Even the attack of silly string by their neighbor was funny in hindsight. Pics are in high and low resolution.


Disneyland. Decked out in holiday style. Crowds were intense but we quickly learned the art of the fast pass and had a lot of fun. Even got a few pics with Mickey. Pics are in high and low resolution.


Christmas in San Diego. Mom came south to join us for a family reunion in sunny Chula Vista. Food was amazing, gifts were overwhelming, and it was great to spend time with everyone. Karen, Larry and Frank even found time to jam. Pics are in high and low resolution.


Christmas came early in the Bay Area. Sabin & Meg were headed east and we were headed south for the holiday. Had a nice day at their soon to be "ex-place" in San Francisco. Pics are in high and low resolution.


Alameda Antiques Fair at the old naval air station. Occurs once a month. It was cold and windy but we saw a collection of memorable things, bought a few things, and ate some fresh donuts. Orion walked away with a great copper cookware set, Karen some antique Christmas ornaments, and I ended up with something that later turned out to be a homemade lamp. Pics are in high and low resolution.


Thanksgiving in Mountain View. Olga and Larry flew up from San Diego and Meg, Sabin and Larry drove down from San Francisco. Lots & lots of food. Great to have the family all together. Pics are in high and low resolution.


Photos from Nepal. Had the film negatives scanned digitally. Just now got around to sharing the pictures. Pics are in high and low resolution.


Halloween. Friday. Work had a happy hour with costumes. Then the museum of modern art (SFMOMA) Halloween party with live music and costumes and all the galleries were open. The San Francisco Chronicle ran a story on the fantastic costumes (our pics are better). On Saturday we gave out went out for tiki drinks, gave out candy to trick-or-treater kids, then went to see a zombie movie in the theater. Pics are in high and low resolution.


Karen's band Sote played a birthday party in the Santa Cruz mountain town of Felton. It was a small affair but everyone was super friendly and appreciative of the music entertainment. Pics are in high and low resolution.


Photos from our trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. Explored beaches, waterfalls, lava fields and craters. Swan in the ocean and watched fish swim amongst coral. Ate lots of local fresh fish. Brought home a ukulele, hand carved tiki, and sand for the collection. Pics are in high and low resolution.


Dad & Claire came out to California for a visit. Beautiful sunny day (rare) in Half Moon Bay. Trip up north to Elk. Exclusive concerts for a privileged audience. Beer tour in Anderson Valley. Visit to a peaceful yet windy bluff outside town. Overall excellent family time together. Back to the bay for a grudge match between the Giants and Dodgers. Maybe game of the year. Pics are in high and low resolution.


Softball game at work. Pics are in high and low resolution.


Karen's birthday was celebrated with a live music from Sote and a Jamaican jerk chicken BBQ in the back yard. Pics are in high and low resolution.


The radio station Live105 had their BFD concert at Shoreline this last weekend. The Offspring , 311 and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were the headliners. All day event which was fun (lots o' beer) but we did feel like some of the oldest people there (all ages show). Pics are in high and low resolution.


Busy couple of months. Farmers market in the city. Drinks at the Tonga Room. Protests at work. A BBQ at Orion & Gail's. Pics are in high and low resolution.


If you've never seen it, the Wind Harp in South San Francisco is certainly interesting. Perched on a hill behind Genentech and overlooking the bay. Pics are in high and low resolution.


The sculpture garden at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was opened to for a member preview today. Bekka's name is etched in glass on the wall. Very fitting to have her name in an art museum. Pics are in high and low resolution.


Sote at Roche. The band branched out into rock and the crowded responded. Pics are in high and low resolution.


Traffic gridlock after a baseball game. A woman stopped on the tracks and then a train came along. Very low speed and yet the car was pushed across the street. The driver was uninjured. Car, not so much. Pics are in high and low resolution.


I've been searching for a reasonably compact point & shoot camera which didn't make too many sacrifices in image quality and handling. Otherwise I'd just bring my Nikon SLR. I'm excited about the new Canon G10. Here are a handful of pictures from the past weekends. Trips to the SFMOMA museum, Ridge Vineyards, the Rhone Rangers wine tasting in Fort Mason are shown. Pics are in high and low resolution.

If curious, high resolution images (original from the camera, no post-processing) are below. Click on the image to download the full sized file. The first two images are taken at ISO 80. The second images are at ISO 400 which is pretty much the limit of this camera.


Late in Februrary we went to the Palace of the Legion of Honor to see the Tiffany, Faberge, Lalique show. Unfortunately no photography allowed in the galleries. Did get a few pics in other parts of the museum though. In March Larry (aka Atir) had another show in San Francisco. Pics are in high and low resolution.


Colin and Amelie were in town for a quick visit. Spent some time at the house then got together with friends for dinner in Mountain View. Pics are in high and low resolution.


We hosted a Superbowl party at our place. Weather was nice so we ended up sitting outside, drinking & BBQ-ing until well past gametime. No worries thanks to Tivo. Just a couple of pics in high and low resolution.


We're just wrapping up our 2008 holiday season. This year we stayed in the Bay Area and celebrated with Mom, Sabin & Meg. Even our neighbor got into the holiday spirit (alot... see first picture). Meg had a choir concert at Mission Dolores. Karen put together a very impressive and Hello Kitty centric Christmas tree. Sabin & Meg hosted a lovely Christmas Eve at their place and we attended midnight mass at the church at the top of the hill above their place. Christmas day in Mountain View with way, way too much food. Some shopping over the next couple of days and a tour of the Winchester Mystery House to wrap things up. My pics in high and low resolution.


I started with a K1000 in high school and look what happened

D300 body, D200 body, D70 body, Nikon SB-600 speedlight, Nikkor 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 G, Nikkor 50mm f1.8 D, Nikkor 70-300mm f4-5.6 D, Nikkor 18-70mm f3.5-4.5 G, Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 EX, Sigma 30mm f1.4 EX, 21GB of compact flash



(click on thumbnail for larger image)


The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival was in full swing in Golden Gate Park this weekend. Sabin, Meg & Mom were in attendance for almost everything but I made a late arrival on Sunday and caught Emmylou Harris. The website for the event is here. My pics in high and low resolution.


A few pictures of Karen's garden before the winter takes the blooms away. The light purple flowers are from Bekka's grave site. Pretty. High resolution. Low resolution.


Our trip to Monterey to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. Stayed at a B&B in Pacific Grove and walked to the aquarium and Cannery Row along a nice ocean path. Weather was a little gray but we had a great time, ate well and enjoyed the seafood (at the aquarium and in our bellies). High resolution. Low resolution.


Attended Slow Food Rocks concert on the great meadow at Fort Mason. Line-up included Medeski Martin & Wood, The New Pornographers (great show), Ozomatli (even better show), and headliners Gnarls Barkley whose performance was a letdown. Pics were taked with a miserable $100 Samsung since real cameras weren't allowed. So please forgive the quality. High resolution. Low resolution.


Another trip to NYC. Karen met me at Newark at the completion of my visit to the Merck mothership of Rahway & West Point. Only 4 days this time but we made it count. Rowboat in Central Park, superheroes at the Met, late nights at Gray's Papaya, eats & drinks all over, shopping too, concert in the park, Brooklyn Bridge waterfalls at night, top of the Rock, and of course caipirinhas. High resolution. Low resolution.


Larry (aka "Atir") and Daniel perform a show at the El Rio. Still way too enamoured with the low-light 3200 performance of the D300. High resolution. Low resolution.

The most fun had performing a sorrowful task. Box handmade, as was the hole... just like in the frontier days. And even at the darkest, as a family, we managed a laugh or two. High resolution. Low resolution.


So Karen's band played their first official gig this past Friday at Roche's TGIF. It was bittersweet to have a thank god it is Friday the same week the closure of the site was announced, but Sote (the band) lifted spirits. They put on a great show and I took a pile o' pictures. It was interesting to compare the color levels and image quality between the D200 (used for wide angle 10-20mm lens) and the D300 (18-200mm lens).  Most images of the D200 required color correction while most of the D300 's were fine. Low res images available.


BBQ at Orion & Gail's. Here are some photos… I've been too lazy to do any re-touching, correction, or other post-processing.


Here are some photos… the first set are from Filoli which is basically a huge house and garden in the Woodside area of the peninsula. Followed by pics from Larry's concert at a bar called Martuni's. I just got the D300 because it is expensive and way more camera than I know what to do with. But it does have pretty awesome low light sensitivity… the pics at Martunis were shot at ISO 3200. (sorry, the photo s aren't exactly dial-up friendly)


Shit. Shit. Shit. Memories of a happy weekend.


Some pictures from our trip to NYC. I attended a genomics meeting at MIT/Broad then took the train down to Penn Station to meet Karen. We had a nice week in the city with great autumn weather.


Well it's been a month since Sabin & Meg got married.  And I've finally posted some photos. These include the rehearsal dinner, the big bash itself and the day-after BBQ with a lot of bleery-eyes folks. Take a look. Hi & lo res images are available.

Regarding Sabin's bachelor party, I just got around to putting pics up from our little outing last Friday. Take a look... and I can supply full-res pics if people want them. (and notice the conspicuous near absence of flash photos). (sorry, no low res versions)


Michelle & Chris get married in Sonoma.

Kim & Kumar invited us to his family's post-wedding celebration. It felt like a real privilege to be included. (sorry, no low res versions)


BBQ to celebrate July 4th. This was a warm-up for our hosting of the Sabin & Meg's post-wedding party. We tried out the Sangria recipe to much success.


BBQ and get-together at Orion's new place in Sunnyvale. Some of the action shots are classic, like Colin with half his body across the badminton net and Molly in mid-air destroying the toy.


Our trip to the big island of Hawaii. Attended Kim & Kumar's wedding and also got in a tour of the north-west portion of the island. May have even taken some black sand home... (sorry, no low res versions)


Shots from our trip back to Virginia (and surrounding areas) for the holidays. Colin & Laura also trekked out from DC to visit. Look out, Karen looks like a natural with that gun. (sorry, no low res versions)


First shots with the new D200 body & 18-200mm VR lens. It was an interesting day because El Camino was basically closed all day since someone got shot at the bowling alley in Palo Alto...


Our vacation to Sonoma & Napa wine country. B&B's in Healdsburg, Calistoga, and Forestville. Many standouts but one in particular was the meal and stay at the Farmhouse Inn.


Fay & Victor get married in Santa Barbara. I was the best man.


At the last minute I was asked to attend the transcription meeting at the EMBL in Heidelberg and deliver a seminar in place of my boss at Affymetrix. Talk went well and I snuck away from the conference for an afternoon tour of the city. Many pictures follow... (sorry, no low res versions).

Aarron's 33rd birthday. We went out to a bar at 8pm and then walked across the street for dinner at an amazing Peruvian place called Limon.  One of the top restaurants in the city (perhaps that is why we couldn't get a reservation until 9:30 and didn't get seated until 10).  Still it was worth it and I think from the pic tures you can see everyone had a good time.


Schultz lab reunion & Pete's 50th birthday.


Karen, Aarron, Orion, Gail, Colin, Laura, Dan, Amanda, Allison, Evan, Melissa go camping in Yosemite.


Thanksgiving in Mountain View. Nice reunion of the Lariosa & portions of the Willingham families.



Cheryl & Joe's wedding in San Diego


Purina Amazing Dog Show in San Diego. Amazing? No kidding!


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